Food @ Fleming

Food at Fleming
The Food at Fleming team works hard to develop programs that help you achieve a healthy, active lifestyle. All of our food service locations have nutritional and sustainability information, healthy living brochures, local farm features, and a monthly promotional calendar that highlights the best food deals around campus.

Taste, quality, and variety are key aspects to any great food service program. At Fleming College, we strive to produce the best by using the freshest ingredients and experienced, friendly staff to create meals with great flavour and customer service. 

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Our Chef and Dietitian help take the mystery out of healthy eating and are available to accommodate dietary needs in a personalized, sensitive manner. Contact our on-site Executive Chef, Ken Turnbull, or email for general information. You can also contact our on-site Registered Dietitian, Kristen Simonds, about any questions you may have relating to health, nutrition, or dining on campus.

  • Ideas from our Chefs and Dietitians
    Ideas from our Chefs and Dietitians
    More "feed your potential" tips, recipes and ideas from our chefs and dietitian.
  • Our Healthy for Life® Commitment
    Get the Good Stuff
    Look for the Get the Good Stuff™ logo in our participating locations for options that fit your needs!