We work together to continually develop and implement sustainable solutions. Through Green Thread, our environmental sustainability platform, we bring innovative and efficient solutions to life. We are passionately focused on reducing the environmental impact within our operations. 

Here are just a few ways we work to make our campus more environmentally conscious:

Our Farm to Table Program:


We track our sustainable, local and community-based and/or third party verified purchasing and report through the AASHE STARS Program (Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education).

Our Farm-to-Table Program offers fresh and local produce, seasonal menus, sustainable seafood, local dairy, and fair trade coffee and tea. 

Seasonal Menus, our menus actually change with the season. To increase our local purchasing we:

  • commit to serving only local apples, mushrooms, and many other root vegetables that are available year round.
  • cut our own local potatoes for French fries.
  • cook from scratch more often, including making all of our own soups, many sauces, casseroles and more. 

Each year we visit our local farmers and invite them into our dining halls to meet our customers. During these visits we learn from each other, and discuss how we can maximize our partnerships.
Nova Scotia farms: Bonnyman's Blueberries,, Keddy Nurseries, Sawler Farms, Driftwood Greenhouse, Hutten Family Farm, Basinview Farms, Noggins Corner Farm, John Foster Farms, Randsland Farms

Our Sea-to-Table Program includes having the four dining halls on the Halifax Campus are Marine Stewardship Council Certified. To increase local sustainable seafood we have partnered with Nova Scotia’s Community Supported Fishery, Off the Hook to purchase from local fishermen.


Marine Stewardship Council

Fair Trade


Dalhousie Food Services is following the standards set out by Fair Trade Canada to become a Fair Trade Campus! Please check out our Fair Trade options. 




Waste Management

Reduce Food Waste, to reduce food waste; we weigh our pre consumer waste in clear bins daily. The clear bins provide transparency and great opportunity to reduce pre consumer food waste.

Trayless, our dining halls removed the trays in 2008. This initiative saves about 3,000 litres of dishwashing water every day. In addition to conserving water, dining trayless also minimizes post-consumer food waste, and reduces the amount of cleaning chemicals entering the waste stream.

Napkin dispenser, one-at-a-time napkin dispensers, reduces by over 25%.

Bulk purchasing, such as condiments to eliminate single packet waste.


Reusable mug discounts, we love your mug, get a discount every time you bring your own mug!

Reusable service ware, all four dining halls offer reusable ware by default. Upon request, your catering order will also offer reusable ware!

Hydration Stations, for reusable water bottle fill up. We offer hydration stations in the dining halls and our retail operations will fill your reusable water bottle. Refresh and refuel while helping to impact your carbon footprint.

Divert, Recycle


Recycling, we partner with Dalhousie to recycle metal, plastic, glass, cardboard, and fryer oil at all our dining locations across campus. Look for signs in our locations for information on where to put your waste, recyclables and compost. Fryer Oil Recycling: One hundred percent of dining services used fryer oil is recycled by B.D. Rae Waste Management. B.D.Rae has long been Atlantic Canada’s used cooking oil recycler of choice.

Packaging, we are “foam-free”; by removing Styrofoam in 2003 we have reduced the amount of waste going to local landfills. 

We offer many biodegradable (compostable) packaging options throughout our catering and retail operations (paper plates, paper calm shells, wooden stir sticks, paper napkins, the following are lined with or made with corn instead of plastic: some coffee cups, soup bowls, cutlery). 

In addition, our sandwich wedges, salad containers, and parfait cups are 100% recyclable.
*Please note: Catering and on-campus packaging options vary. 
100% compostable, chlorine free, Ecologo Certified napkins

Eco Stations, located in each dining hall with clear directional signage for composting.

Green Cleaning

We are committed to creating foodservice environments that are healthier for those that use them, and the planet.  Our daily cleaning program use environmentally preferable products, including Green Seal certified products where possible. These products do not contain phosphorus, are formulated with environmentally responsible ingredients, and do not contain persistent, bio accumulative or highly toxic substances.

Energy & Water Conservation

We train our employees each semester on common energy and water conservation practices in order to conserve precious natural resources. In addition, each year Halifax Regional Municipality Waste Management and Dalhousie’s Office of Sustainability provides our staff with the most recent waste management information.